Jesus Rebuilds Your Heart, We Rebuild Your Housing.
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To provide housing as a foundation of support for men & women facing adversity, allowing them to pursue spiritual growth while improving their life skills .If you would like to help our cause or donate please click below.

  • Help Grow Those In Recovery
  • Provide resources, clothing, and food
  • Make a difference to the lives of others
  • Provide Top Tier Housing To Those In Recovery
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Here you will find the housing that is currently offered at One Love.  Spacious home to accommodate those in recovery.

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One Love Housing provides housing for people in recovery trying to find their way to a life without drugs and alcohol.  There are many times that these residents come to our housing without any food or clothes.  If you feel like helping out these residents this is the place to do it.  Please fill out the form and we will connect with you to discuss the most impactful ways to donate.
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